The greatest heroic exciting festival of Kanto area. Held in September every year.

“Ohara naked festival” has become a traditional exciting autumn festival in the region.

Dozens of Mikoshi (a portable shrine), to pray for a bountiful grain harvest and catching big fish, are carried into the sea all at once (called as Shio-fumi). The Mikoshi runs through the sea and is lifted. When the evening settles down, the Mikoshi walks back to the shopping street and it is lifted high in a gesture of farewell (called as Owakare). In this festival, you can fully feel both passion and kindness of the men of the sea. There are many enthusiastic fans coming every year.

Shio-fumi (Carrying a portable shrine into the sea)

Owakare (Farewell)


The naked festival has been held since the Edo period. There is an Ema(絵馬) describing the scenery of the festival at a shrine in the city. The Ema was presented in 1864 and another one in 1841. More than 170 year ago, it seems that the tradition of festival was there.