Every Sunday at Ohara fishing port!


Holding time 8:00-12:00
Venue Ohara fishing port‘s loading station【1st, 3rd Sunday】
Ohara fishing port parking lot 【Sundays except above】
(11574 Ohara Isumi City, Chiba)

※There are cases of change of holding time, or holding temporary morning market.
※We may not hold events during stormy weather, year-end/New Year holidays and autumn festivals.

Please enjoy shopping of seasonal fresh fish, dried fish, processed seafood and fresh vegetables.

Besides agricultural and fishery products, you can enjoy Isumi’s local gourmet such as rice with octopus, octopus skewers, bonito, eel bento, abalone pork, homemade bread and Isumi Menchi etc.

A char-grilled barbecue table is also available.

Please enjoy BBQ with the marine products you shopped.
Please note that some stuff including dishes for BBQ will be charged.

How to enjoy the harbor morning market


Venue Ohara fishing port‘s loading station 11574 Ohara Isumi City, Chiba
Organized/ sponsored Organized:Harbor Morning Market steering committee
Sponsor:Business Cooperation Eastern Isumi City
Contact Information Harbor Morning Market steering committee
Isumi City Chamber of Commerce 7400-8 Ohara Isumi City
Telephone: 0470-62-1191
Transportation Venue:Ohara fishing port’s loading station (11574 Ohara fishing port)
Please use Ohara fishing port facility parking lot.

Harbor Morning Market steering committee official site [Facebook]