Good quality waves have attracted many surfers … such waves are here all year round.

Let’s see the surfing’s attractive features!

Let’s see the surfing’s attractive features!
First, surfing is a sport to ride on a board called a surfboard, and to glide over the slope of the wave. Speaking of the spirit of this sport, it is to harmonize with nature. Honor the great nature, and throw yourself into the wilderness and synchronize with the waves. Once you get on a wave, you can get high with overflowing adrenaline. Once you fall into the charm of surfing, it is said that you can never escape from that. Even in the middle of winter, wearing only a wetsuit, suffers head to the sea. Have you ever understood why they do not stop surfing? For such a genuine surfer, the environment around Isumi City is a paradise. It is blessed with an abundance of good waves throughout a year, so many pro surfers and top amateur surfers come here, one of Japan’s high-level surfing spots. From summer to fall, many surfing competitions are held and the participants of the events say that here has the best environment to improve their surfing level.

Isumi City Surfing Association

“Isumi City Surfing Association” is organized by people involving in the surfing industry in Isumi City. To make this city continue to be loved by surfers, the association makes a contribution to making the natural and social environment for surfing. And the members also promote surfing-related economic activities and develop seaside areas of Isumi city.

An event of Surf Town Festa is held at Taito Beach Park, Sankenya Coast has been held for 10 years in every May. There are some performances including dance, charity sale, snack bars and training for Tsunami evacuation. You can experience a simple and happy surfing environment and life style.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the association set up a tsunami warning signboard and an “ORANGE FLAG” which is a visual alert to surfers and people on the beach. And it measures regularly radioactivity and publishes the results. Through the activities by local people and the association, we can enjoy the beach safely.