Sado, or tea ceremony, is a sort of comprehensive art of giving tea to your customers following the traditional rules and manners. Through this act, you will not only enjoy drinking green tea, but also spaces such as tea rooms and gardens, crafts regarding choosing and appreciating tea tools, and food such as banquet dishes and sweets that are served in tea parties. Moreover, you will discover the fusion of many things, such as the manners to treat your guests pleasantly. The culture of tea ceremony has deeply connected to Zen Buddhism to create a spiritual culture of “wabi sabi,” a Japan’s aesthetic sense to appreciate transience and imperfection. Please enjoy not only the experience of the ritual of getting green tea, but also the atmosphere of “wabi sabi.”


13:00 on the first and the third Sundays

Lesson fee

1000 yen

Venue and Access

Misaki Public Hall
Address: Choja 22, Misaki-cho, Isumi City, Chiba-ken 299-4616

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